UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week


Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!

UX, Ethics and Conscience. Interesting article detailing the emergence of new products and technologies focused on adding a layer of conscience to the way users digest and use technology. Really interesting article since it showcases different case studies and how these can have incrementally positive impact on consumer’s lives. Highlight of the article includes:

“Planned Parenthood’s Spot On app is like a free extension of a Planned Parenthood clinic, right on your phone. It uses simple, straightforward language to encourage contraception education, like “You didn’t log yesterday’s pill! If you missed it, be sure to take both yesterday and today’s pill.” And as one IBD judge pointed out, its playful interface–which allows you to track symptoms like cramps or fatigue inside emoji-filled bubbles–takes a less clinical approach for nervous users who might be in their young teens, multitasking between this app and Snapchat.”

On-boarding and E-Commerce. So much is continuously written about on-boarding users and how crucial that experience is to define customer loyalty and product adoption. That is particularly pertinent to e-commerce. This article showcases case studies where on-boarding has been tackled from different perspectives, in order to provide an experience that allows for the users to understand the products they are about to use in a compelling fashion. Highlight:

“Zappos puts their greatest strength up front and center: customer relationships. From the messaging (“we’ve got your back”) to the customer service details being the first thing you see, they’re highlighting the fact that customer satisfaction is their primary concern. Any shopper that has been placed on hold when calling a support line will remember this selling point.”

How Breadcrumbs enhance UX Design. Hailing from WebDesignerDepot, this article focuses on the importance of breadcrumbs to enhance the user experience. The article showcases a few case studies that exemplify how effective use of breadcrumbs makes for a clearer and more accessible product experience. Highlight:

“Website breadcrumbs enhance user experience encouraging users to dig deeper into your site’s hierarchy, while also telling visitors exactly where they are on any given page.”

Creating an Agile UX Workflow. Very pertinent article focused on the convergence of Agile methodologies with the UX Workflow. The article showcases the existing process currently defined at Google as an example of what that entails. Highlight:

“In the beginning, organizations may need longer than intended to complete some phases. Just like athletes improve with practice, design teams will develop faster sprints with repeated practice. Whether you model your Agile UX workflow on Google’s model or develop a different pace for your organization, time management is part of what makes the agile process so productive.”