Top Apps Every Product Manager Has on Their Phone

Product managers are busy people. In and out of meetings, dealing with various stakeholders and just trying to get a moment at their own desk is near impossible. Therefore, PMs always have their phones around, so they can be in constant contact with everyone. And while most apps baked into the operating system are already pretty helpful, there are a few key apps that every PM has on their phone to make their workflow (and life) smoother. This way no matter where a PM is, they are connected and ready to go.

Here are the top apps every PM has on their phone, so they’re always ready for their next task:


iOS |Android

Constantly in contact with their team and stakeholders, Slack’s app is easy to use and allows for quick communication. Conduct group chats wherever you go, make a quick in Slack phone call, or share a file — all from phone.

Google Suite (Gmail, Google Drive, etc)

iOS |Android

Out and about and need to check your email or when your next meeting is? The Google suite of apps has got your back. Review you powerpoint quickly or catch up on emails while you’re on waiting in line for lunch. You can also check your Drive for any files you need (and then send them through Slack).


iOS |Android

Always know what’s up next with your Trello app. You’ll always be organized and know what the next task or project is. You can easily collaborate with your coworkers even when you’re away from your phone.


iOS |Android

Lists, lists, lists. That’s what makes up a PM’s life. To do lists, project lists, product lists, idea lists, pipeline lists — lists for everything. Wunderlist is the tool that covers every list you might have from professional to personal. Keep your lists in order and organized with this app.


iOS |Android

Staying up to date and in the know is a major part of a PM’s job. The Medium app will deliver your content straight to you, so you’ll always know the latest trends. It gives you the same functionality as if you were on desktop. Start editing a rough draft for your latest Medium piece or flip through the latest design articles.



Even when you’re not at your desk you can view your InVision prototypes and boards right on your phone. Stay connected with your team, address feedback, and check finish design ideas all from your phone.


iOS |Android

PMs are in and out of meetings all day long and from those meetings notes are taken. Sometimes on a whiteboard or maybe a piece of paper or maybe a rough sketch is even drawn. Use ScannerPro to get those images on your phone and then sent out to the right recipients.


iOS |Android

Create customer feedback forms on the train, standing in line, or on your couch with Typeform’s app. You might think of the perfect question while waiting in the checkout line, so quickly login to Typeform and create the perfect customer questionnaire.

There are an endless amount of apps in the app store and even more that can help with daily organization or tasks, but for a PM these 8 apps are the most popular. They make life as a PM easier, not harder.

Are you a PM? What apps do you have on your phone to make your day smoother.

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