🇬🇧 Product People interview with former Spotify Product Manager — Activation and SeenIt.io Head of Product, Aurelie de Sainte Preuve

We discuss world class activation and on-boarding experiences, as well the lean canvas for SeenIt.io.

Product People interviews aim to show the real people behind products and illustrate the passion and emotion product people have for their products.

This interview is with Aurelie de Sainte Preuve, Head of Product at the London based startup SeenIt.io “ a video collaboration tool with the potential to connect budding filmmakers and broadcasters with advertisers, news organisations and employers that want to source video from their audience.”

We discuss the product, the problem they are trying to solve, who the customers are, acquiring enterprise customers, what the UVP is, activation experiences and growth, key metrics for the business, and what the riskiest assumption is that they are tackling today.

Contact SeenIt.io

Aurelie can be contacted on LinkedIn, and you’ll find SeenIt.io on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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