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Letter sent on Oct 11, 2016

📬 Product Coalition Collection — Issue 19, 2016

A hero newsletter on How the Warby Parker iOS team launched an app four months earlier than planned and got featured on the front page of the App Store.”

Warby Parker App Redesign by Matt Rizzo

This Product Coalition Collection issue is dedicated to the interesting story of the Warby Parker app redesign, and the experiences and opinions of Matt Rizzo on that journey.

In Matt’s article “4 Principles For Building A Successful Mobile App”, he shares processes, decisions, methods and war stories accompanied by great visuals. This is a brilliant piece of storytelling, and I particularly enjoyed the “Don’t do this.” section.

Thanks Matt for sharing with the Product Coalition Community.

💬 The Product Coalition Slack chat this week.

Our general slack channel this week has discussed the concept of Product Management Wiki, and I’ve created a #getting-into-vr-ar channel for those, who like me, have realised the band wagon is moving, and want to understand how we can be relevant to that industry in the future.

If you are keen to chat openly about product management, product design, or product development, then join over 200 of us, for free, on Slack.

You can now chat with The Product Coalition product community on Slack.

With thanks,

Jay Stansell

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