Building trust with people online

The aim of this post is to share one bit of research that you can apply to creating a better online experience.


Social Psychology research has found that we tend to consider members of our ‘in group’ (close friends and family) as more credible than people from our ‘out group’ (people not familiar to us). More so, online we apply these same principles to avatars and virtual agents — even though they are inanimate projections!

What this means for us?

BIG implications for boosting your credibility online. For example, if you can better understand what makes your visitors tick — the way they look, dress, speak, gesture — you can use this info to create an avatar or chat bot that mirrors these traits, creating a greater sense of familiarity, and by extension credibility.

Something else

With the rise of AI driven chat bots this type of research may have implications for the amount and types of information people will be willing to share. More on AI and chat bots in this article about how digital assistance and AI will change marketing forever.

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