How Offscreen uses Clevertap and loves it!

We started working on an Audio App idea a couple of months ago. We identified a need for people to listen to engaging personalised content while on the move. During this moment, since the user has very limited access to screen, traditional options/medium of content consumption are not effective. The current option i.e. Radio is not personalised at all and Music requires a certain amount of effort to create and manage playlist(s). With this in mind, we started off building an Android app called Offscreen.

During our Alpha (MVP) release, we knew Audio as a medium of consuming content hasn’t really taken off in a very big way globally (Podcast is still niche). Hence, we were (and still are) testing waters and wanted to be very sure of whether audio as a medium works or not. We primarily relied upon gathering feedback, one user at a time.

Based on that feedback we went ahead and made significant changes in the experience. During our Beta release we realized the importance of tracking every user interaction on the App.

This is where Clevertap stepped in and saved the day for us.

The idea of integrating another analytics tool makes the developers wonder why. Doesn’t Google Analytics serve the purpose, is the first question that comes to mind — The answer is a resounding no.

Clevertap gives you real time data on what your actual users are doing on your app in a much much cooler (user friendly and easier to interpret way). GA samples data and extrapolates it to give you a sense of whats happening.

Integrating Clevertap was a cakewalk for our developers. We instantly started seeing a few insights based on our user behaviour.

Which audio clip is heard how often? — Gives us a sense of what kind of content is working and what’s not
How do users interact with the player? — How many times were files paused/played etc.
The segments which we could target using different types of messages through Push Notifications and eventually convert
Very important to know who has uninstalled the App. We have spoken to these users individually to understand what drove them to Uninstall the App.
Funnels are very helpful for us to gauge where the users are dropping off

An insight so far — Users, so far, have shown greater interest in consuming news (selecting upfront and attention span) in audio format as compared to offbeat stories. Maybe because News is familiar territory and people know what to expect.

Based on insights, we have been able to play around with our content categories and style. Finding the sweet spot (read right content market fit) is an iterative process and will eventually happen.

The most important metric of all — User retention — Clevertap has given us a very clear view of the Cohort and the Retention ratios. The DAU/MAU ratio is the only thing i’m obsessed with right now.

Last but not the least — A big concern for any app these days is not just how to stay in touch with their users but to deliver the most relevant message(s) to their users. Clevertap gives us a wide range of options to target based on segmentation, user profiling and actions on the App. Thus, Push Notifications (and Clever Campaigns) powered by Clevertap are a huge plus for us.

All this data is giving us a lot to think about and is helping us shape our product better. I would strongly recommend Clevertap to any fledgling startup to track users and gain insights.

You can also download the Offscreen Android and give it a try. Would love to know what you think in the comments below…:)

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