The ‘Story’ format makes sense in Instagram. From the get-go, it was a visual feed of information. While it was definitely aggressive to put the ‘Stories’ feature front-and-center at the top of every users’ feed, it proved to be a smart move.
M.G. Siegler

Facebook, Instagram, and Creativity!

Steven Colbert & M.G. Siegler’s advice to Zuc

I totally agree with M.G. Siegler’s analysis above. Instagram Stories and Messenger Stories feel different in almost every way.

Paraphrasing Steven Colbert URGENCY is a SUPER IMPORTANT element of CREATIVITY!

See this post for the video and full context:

Stories, Stories Everywhere!

Messenger Stories just don’t seem to have had an appropriate amount of “bake time”. The Lenses, Filters, etc all feel wrong. Also, as M.G. Siegler points on later in the post above, the unintended consequences are huge in Messenger.


You have to admire SnapChat. Learning from your competitors is a good idea. There’s a lot for Facebook and all of us building product to learn from Snap Inc. But there’s a real risk of learning the wrong lessons, in our hast and becoming copy-cats. That’s where Facebook seems to be now.

Urgency is important, FB, but don’t let it turn you into a plagiarist!

For some thoughts on what lessons we can lear from Snapchat, check out my Medium Series below:

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